Sunstalker Missiles

Sunstalker Missiles

The Sunstalker Missile is equipped with a sub-AGI guidance system capable of autonomously re-targeting in case of initial targets being destroyed or prematurely leaving the theatre of operations. Almost as common as the Newtonian V Crusher, the Sunstalker Missile is significantly larger and more versatile. It is usually deployed to take out small to medium moving targets. It should be noted, that due to the technical limitations of its launching mechanism, Sunstalker Missiles cannot be launched in rapid succession; a short time span for reloading must be allowed.

Transport typeContainer
Cycle time01:00:00
Per cycle200
Per hour200

Primary Resources

WarePer cyclePer hour
Bio-Optic Wiring1010
Energy Cells480480
Food Rations360360
Quantum Tubes1010
Scanning Array1010
Warhead Components2020

Secondary Resources

WarePer cyclePer hour
Medical Supplies120120