Astrobee Swarmkillers

Astrobee Swarmkillers

The Astrobee Swarmkiller is a type of missile that is exclusively deployed in large swarms (also, quite euphemistically, known as 'shoals'). Each Astrobee Swarmkiller is equipped with a tool-level AGI that stays in constant contact with its neighbouring units, thereby automatically forming a hive-mind similar to that of a flock of birds, or a shoal of fish. Approaching an assigned target - or targets - a shoal of Astrobee Swarmkillers generally splits up into several smaller divisions, seeking out individual targets. Effective against fighter formations or drone swarms, the Astrobee Swarmkiller is regarded advanced technology, and therefore, costly.

Transport typeContainer
Cycle time01:00:00
Per cycle100
Per hour100

Primary Resources

WarePer cyclePer hour
Bio-Optic Wiring2020
Energy Cells480480
Food Rations360360
Quantum Tubes1010
Scanning Array1010
Warhead Components4040

Secondary Resources

WarePer cyclePer hour
Medical Supplies220220